Advisory Board

Our advisory committee is a made up of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills in order to more effectively guide our organization. Our company ensures our advisory committee has a clear purpose and guidelines. Meet Marlene (Travel Consultant) and Fredricka (Marketing Director).




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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson


Meet Marlene

Marlene Blake, CEO
Marlene's Travel

Over the last 2 decades, Marlene has dedicated her career to travel. A native of Jamaica W.I., she’s worked with prestigious Travel Agencies including Pauline’s Travel and Trafalgar Travel. Having an established clientele, she is passionate about and specializes in both leisure and corporate travel.  An extensive traveler, she is well versed in all aspects of travel; however, independent and escorted tours, honeymoons, cruise and family vacations are her favorite for planning. Some of her favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii and Europe. Her hobbies include hanging with family, watching soccer and reading. Marlene believes she has the best job in the world helping others fulfill their travel dreams.

Marlene’s Travel consultants simplify your travel arrangement planning; before, during and after your trip.

Our mission is to improve the standard of travel! Combined experience allows us to provide individual professional advice to suit your travel expectations, offering individual, couple, family and group travel to exotic destinations, be it travel by land, air or sea.

Somewhere out there – Adventure Awaits! Let us help you start planning today.


Meet Fredricka

Fredricka K. Beckford, CEO

 Sivad Consulting, LLC

As CEO and Administrative Director of Sivad Consulting, Fredricka K. Beckford is an experienced marketer and business consultant who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Fredricka also has experience in the banking industry and various online marketing platforms such as target marketing and product integration and has brought her educational accomplishments and many years of experience to lead Sivad Consulting into a new era of technical services, administrative support, and management.

Fredricka’s industry accomplishments include promoting new and existing products designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets on behalf of clients; developing, executing, and managing a comprehensive marketing plan for new products and offers; interacting with customers, management and internal departments to coordinating overall marketing efforts in accordance with corporate goals; coordination of quarterly marketing events such as radio remotes, in-store cable promotions, and local events in Atlanta to increase sales; providing customer support to business and residential clients; tracking mechanized testing at Verizon to identify and analyze issues to complete resolution; acting as liaison between clients, creative and production teams on creating and executing marketing projects for Wilen Media Group; and developing and maintaining strong client relationship with high level marketing executives at Time Warner, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Charter Communications.

With Fredricka at the helm, the logistical and technical support service that we offer at Sivad Consulting ensures that we provide our clients with customized solutions that are unique to their needs. The company is poised to becoming a leader in the service and management industry and has already carved a niche for itself in traditional and target marketing, administrative support and service, website creation, creative design flyers, and interactive media platform -- all of which projects the radiance of our clients’ organizations and business interests.

Fredricka’s exceptional professionalism and affable personality, along with her deep sense of integrity and her ability to accurately discern the client’s needs in ways that illuminate hidden obstacles ensures that our resources are utilized in the most efficient ways to achieve the results that best serve our clients.